As Coordinators of the Millennium Institution we would like to thank you for your interest in our work.

The Institution works toward research, development, and education in the field of Sustainable Living. We have all been made well aware that our current state of human evolution has a very limited 'shelf-life'. If our children are to inherit our current standard of living, it must be achieved through a greater Global Conscience.

Environmental and economic sustainability are elemental in our research. Through this work, we strive to push our world and its children to a better and more certain future.

In time, the Institution will be open to school groups, developers, builders, and the public. If you would like information on our current work or to contribute to the Institution, please feel free to contact us.

Peter Turrell & Donna Pascoe
Box 483, Grand Valley, Ont. L9W 7G1
Tel Fax 519 928-9997