The Millennium Institution works with the following people on our many projects.

J. Baird R.N. M.Sc. Dip Hom.
Member of S.O.H.N.A. (Society of Homotoxicology)

RR.1 Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. L9W2Y8
519-941-8705 or through this site.

Ontario wide homeopathic practice, International lecturer, poster presenter,
Royal Homeopathic Hospital London U.K.
Specialist in skin conditions and creams

Juergen Garbe, CFO Millennium Institution
President J.H. Garbe Enterprises

Juergen has over 35 years of industrial experience in the materials field. The last 14 years as a Research and Development Management Consultant to industry for new product/process development and the writing of the actual grant application on behalf of his clients. Further, he writes the actual technical documentation and prepares the financial documentation required for the annual filing of the Scientific Research and Development Tax Credit on behalf of his large client base of corporations for their submission to the Canada Revenue Agency.

Dale Hahn, P.Eng. Lead Researcher Millennium Institution

Dale has rare and valuable qualifications in the Biotech arena. He is one of the few independent registered Bioengineers in the Province of Ontario and combines this with a master's degree. His expertise in biological engineering and skills in project organization allows him to be part of the cutting edge of breakthrough advances in many industrial biotechnologies, including gene manipulation.

Andrew Hellebust, P.Eng. Researcher Millennium Institution
President Ecowerks Technologies Corporation

Andrew is a Canadian expert on the reuse of wastewater effluent, including both drinking water and wastewater treatment. He has analyzed on-site communal garbage thermal processing systems and garbage handling systems. He has studied agricultural digestion, nutrient management, and technology to separate, treat and return nutrients and organic matter in urban wastewater back to farmland. As a chemical engineer and an expert on natural biological treatment and constructed wetland design, he has also worked and commented on bio-fuels production, pollution control, and industrial process optimization.

Steve Pope, Researcher Millennium Institution
President Current Technologies Ltd.

Steve is the president of a progressive electrical contracting company. He is a licensed mechanic, licensed truck and coach mechanic, licensed electrician/construction-maintenance and a CFAA Technician for fire suppression systems. Steve has a sound knowledge of alternative/renewable energy systems recently completing a system for the " Off Grid with Les Stoud" film. His knowledge of electrical and fire suppression systems puts him at the top of his field.

Andrew Mallouk, Researcher Millennium Institution
President Pixeloptic Labs Ltd.

Andrew has over 25 years experience in photo-electric experimentation, design and development. His extensive range of expertise includes interactive computer graphics, stereoscopic photography (conventional and electronic and molecular frequency discrimination. Andrew has implemented and supervised field production in Canada and around the world.

Phillip Gutwein
Research and Development, Millennium Institution
President, Light Therapy Bio-Med Inc.

PHILLIP GUTWEIN, from 2018-2020, through partnership with Dr. Blair Lamb (, he has developed and commercialized an Infrared/Red Light Therapy device, The Pain Reliever ©, proving high therapeutic efficacy in several remarkable conditions with possible applications for the opiate and Covid 19 epidemics. Presently, he is developing a Wearable Infrared Self Help - WISH - device to aid in reducing inflammation - ( ).

Phillip Gutwein holds a patent for the creation of an infrared light therapy device for medical treatment (Therapeutic Light Device 2004 Patent US 6702837).

Phillip is the Founder/CEO of Photon Therapeutic Inc. (1996), he created Infrared/Red light therapy devices for pets ( ).

Phillip has worked over the last 25 years in R & D with Millennium Institution using magnetic energy and light technologies in water purification.

He has worked extensively in the fields of quality control and risk management. As a certified automatic equipment mechanic, and Industrial millwright, Phillip worked with Kodak Canada for 20 years.

Mano Doulatram
Project Management, Millennium Institution
A3M Bio-Tek Solutions Inc., President and Co-Founder

Mano has been an entrepreneur in "Green" Bio Technology and an inventor with vast experience in all aspects of the manufacturing & construction sectors. He has developed numerous products using recycled materials and utilized "waste" as his main source of raw materials. He specializes in the utilization of ecologically friendly products that will have an impact in reducing Green house gas emissions and project footprints that impact Global warming. He has strong project management skills in addition to international experience.