From Art to Architecture
The Sculpture and Architecture of Donna Pascoe, reflects two directions of her creative senses. 
Sparked by a passionate spirit for design and environment with the knowledge and desire to express this in both a structured and unstructured manner, Donna combines both function and beauty in her projects.

"The Artist's need to create is a difficult thing to understand if one has never experienced it.  The true Artist is driven by a compelling force from within that literally demands the outpouring of creative expression in one medium or another. This is our talent, part of the creative process combined with a heightened form of perception and sensitivity.  How we perceive our world at that very moment is what the piece of art represents.  We are influenced by everything around us every day."

Donna's awareness of the perfect balance in the natural world is reflected in her own striving to find perfection in her sculptures of wood, stone or bronze and her Architecture.
Working with nature, and with respect for the environment, she considerately designs her homes in a sustainable direction, providing shelter with taste, function and beauty while walking lightly upon the earth. 

This philosophy is behind the Millennium Institution, a project founded by Donna and her partner Peter Turrell, for the purpose of teaching and promoting designs for Autonomous living.
Donna lives and works in her studio near Grand Valley, Ontario, with a beautiful view of the Luther Marsh out her window and nature at her doorstep.  If you are interested in contacting Donna for sculpture, architecture or the Millennium Institution for more information,  please forward an e-mail to:

Emerging Souls
Name: Donna Pascoe

The Millennium Institution

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